Virtual Voicebox comes to our Academy

Virtual Voicebox comes to our Academy

Student Leaders attended their first virtual Voicebox session. They discussed upcoming national campaigns such as Anti-bullying Week and National Burns Awareness Day. The session provided pupils with information, ideas and advice to share with their peers.

Lilly, a Year 9 Student Leader, said: “Voicebox is very interesting. I learnt lots of new things that we can use to spread awareness and help others.

“Even though it was a virtual session, we found it very engaging.”


Voicebox is the Manchester secondary school council network, where groups of pupils from different schools come together to share ideas. It allows them to learn more about global and national issues and make meaningful change within our community.

Mrs Fiddler, Assistant Vice Principal, said: “Our Student Leaders work with pupils from across all year groups using all they have learnt from agencies such as Voicebox. They spread awareness of many issues to their peers and instil our values of respect, commitment and trust – they’re a credit to us.”

This year, National Burn Awareness Day is on the Wednesday 14th October followed by Anti-bullying Week in November. Our Student Leaders will help spread awareness by presenting in assemblies and designing and displaying posters around our Academy.