GCSE Geographers visit Salford Quays

GCSE Geographers visit Salford Quays

Our GCSE Geographers have been putting their geographical skills and knowledge to the test during a field visit to Salford Quays. The area is a fantastic example of urban regeneration and during the visit, pupils were challenged to consider to what extent urban regeneration has improved this area. 

Pupils had the opportunity to study five different sites including the Lowry Outlet and Media City. They carried out data analysis including an environmental survey and a traffic/pedestrian count in order to help them to come to quantifiable conclusions. A land map was used as well as photographic evidence to enable the pupils to analyse changes in the landscape. 

Pupils are now analysing the evidence that they have collated back in the classroom and coming to conclusions about the regeneration of Salford Quays. One pupil said, ‘I really enjoyed the visit to the Quays. We had learnt about the ideas of urban regeneration in class, but it was really great to have the chance to see this within an area.’

GCSE Geography continues to be a really popular subject across the academy. As part of the curriculum, pupils have the opportunity to carry out a range of different field studies that look at aspects of both physical and human Geography both at KS3 and KS4 and these experiences help them to see how the subject relates to their every day lives. 

For more information regarding the regeneration at Salford Quays, please see their website or you can ask one of our GCSE Geography pupils!