Where can I get support?

We believe in working together for the best in everyone and our vision is to ensure that every pupil will go on to lead happy and successful lives. Our academy wants to work together with parents/carers to make sure that every pupil can achieve excellence in all that they do.

First point of contact

If you need support we ask that contact your child’s year team. They will know your child the best and will be able to help in most instances. Here’s how to get in touch:

Associate Head of Year Head of Year Contact
Year 7 Mrs J Stubbs Mr T Greenfield Headofyear7@northmanchester.coop
Year 8 Mrs E Duffy Ms L Kelly Headofyear8@northmanchester.coop
Year 9 Mrs J Kelleher Mr M Moor Headofyear9@northmanchester.coop
Year 10 Mrs A Harrison Mr A Norbury Headofyear10@northmanchester.coop
Year 11 Mrs J Orchard Mrs M Greenwood Headofyear11@northmanchester.coop


If you need general help or advice about our Academy’s day-to-day activities such as dinner money or uniforms you can contact our school office:

Emergency telephone line: 07536 766803


Designated Safeguarding Lead and Looked After Children Co-ordinator

Mr M. Halshaw is the DSL and LAC Co-ordinator, if you would like to get in touch please email noma-concern@coopacedmies.co.uk.

Other services

We have many support services for our pupils to access during this time. If you would like to access any of these services, please get in touch using the above email address.

Useful Contacts/Resources

We have many links with external agencies that can help your child with their emotional wellbeing and any other concerns you may.