Where can I get support?

Everyone in the Co-op Academy North Manchester community cares about each other.  We all believe in working together for the best in everyone and our vision is to ensure that every pupil will go on to lead a happy and successful life when they leave us. 

At our academy there are lots of adults who can help you. 

Who you can speak to in school if you are worried about anything….

If you need support and are worried about something there are lots of people in our pastoral team who can help you.. 

All pupils have Pastoral Managers that can help them with any problem but there are also Attendance Officers, our SEND team, our Pathways team and our Remote Learning Manager who are adults that you can reach out to during the school day if you need them.  Our academy pastoral leaders – Ms Hepworth (Vice Principal), Mr Halshaw and Mrs Fiddler (Assistant Vice Principals) and Ms Collins (Associate Assistant Vice Principal) are also available to offer their support and guidance too.

If you want to contact someone in the academy to support you and you don’t feel able to speak then you can email the academy on noma-showyoucare@coopacademies.co.uk

If you have a serious concern or are very worried about yourself or someone else you can speak to our safeguarding team. They are experts in supporting young people and can offer you their advice and expertise if you need it.

Who you can speak to outside of school if you are worried about anything….

Sometimes our pupils need someone to talk to in the evening, at nighttime or when we are not in school at the weekends and during the school holidays.  There are lots of places that you can access support if you need to when school is not open. We have listed lots of them for you below: