Sharing Information on Pupil Progress

The academy has worked in collaboration with parents/carers and pupils to ensure that we provide enough opportunities for you to find out how your child is progressing across all areas of the school.

We have held parent/carer forums which have looked at the way in which we report to parents/carers and as a result of the feedback received, have amended our reporting systems to reflect even more of what parents/carers want to enable them to further support and encourage their child.

The academy reports to parents/carers formally each term through progress reports and/or a face to face meeting with your child’s teachers. In addition to this, parents/carers in Year 7 also have the opportunity to meet their child’s form tutor early on to discuss how their child has settled into the academy both academically and pastorally. This enables us to continue to establish strong partnerships that are necessary in order that every child can achieve.

At each parent/carer evening, there are opportunities to gain additional resources for your child to support and extend their learning opportunities and to also find out about other pastoral areas so that we can continue to work in partnership to support your child’s social, emotional and health development. We also invite you to attend events focused on how to support your child with their studies where you are able to try out a range of different techniques with them. In addition, please visit the subject pages on the website which contain an overview of the curriculum offer for each subject and provide you with further information on how to support your child with their learning.

Our reports include information on attendance, behaviour, assessments and you will also be able to find out which clubs your child has attended. In addition, the academy also sends out separate letters regarding attendance targets and holds regular meetings with parents/carers to discuss other areas of academy life. We are always keen to find out about other aspects of your child and welcome you to email your child’s Head of Year or Associate Head of Year to share any achievements that they have received outside of the academy. In addition, please do contact your Head of Year/Associate Head of Year should you wish to discuss any aspect of your child’s progress and they will ensure that this is looked into. Further details can be found on the relevant page on the website.