Careers Support

Here at North Manchester, our vision and values of Trust, Commitment and Respect are at the heart of our careers offer.


Careers Overview

Click here to see our CEIAG Policy Our pupils are fully prepared and informed to choose the career path which is right for them. We are committed to ensuring that…

Where should I go for Careers advice?

There is a dedicated Careers Space situated close to Miss C. Anderson’s learning area where you can find a range of resources related to careers. For more information contact…

How will I receive Careers Education in school?

The Academy offers a range of different careers experiences, for example, opportunities which develop skills of reasoning, problem solving, cooperation and communication are all important within a rich careers curriculum….

Is there any help online?

There are a range of online websites which you may wish to look at in order to support you in finding the right career path for you. Useful websites for…

Careers Offer by Year Group

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I am a Parent or Carer who wishes to give a Careers Education Talk. Who should I speak to?

We are always grateful for external support with the careers programme and work well with a range of outside agencies and providers. If you wish to discuss a potential offer…