Vision and Values

Our vision and values are at the centre of everything we do, focusing on our Academy’s sense of community, the responsibility we have to ourselves, each other and our drive to achieve our best. Our vision and values are based on our Co-op Commitment.

Our Vision

“Together we have the highest aspirations and expectations so that everyone achieves excellence in all they do and is equipped to lead happy and successful lives.”

We work hard to give students, staff and the community our very best. We are proud of how our fantastic students and dedicated staff work in partnership with parents and carers to achieve this. The most important thing to us is that our students leave with the qualifications and skills that they need to lead happy and successful lives.

We are at the heart of our local community. We share our excellent facilities and our pupils are involved in  range of community projects. Many local people already use our facilities but we are always looking for ways in which we can serve our community even better.

Our Values

Respect for ourselves, each other and our community

Commitment to strive to achieve our best, and to support others to achieve their best

Trust in ourselves and each other so that we can achieve our best

We feel a strong sense of community within the Academy and our pastoral system supports pupils developing their social, moral, spiritual and cultural skills.

Our pupils are involved in the decision making around the Academy and have a wide range of student leadership opportunities available, from being part of the Student Council to being a Sports Leader. Allowing our pupils’ voices to be heard means our Academy is a great place to be.

We are polite to others at all times, arrive on time, prepared for learning and have a positive attitude to everything we do. Our rewards system is built around our values, and we like to reward those who show them in their every day lives.

Our pupils learn about how to put the Co-op Ways of Being into their daily lives through a range of activities and opportunities.