Virtual Open Day


Thank you for joining us on our Virtual Open Day. We do hope you enjoy the videos of our Academy. Unfortunately, our tours are fully booked, please join our mailing list here to find out about future events.

Introduction from Miss Hands, Head of School

Our Academy in Action

Explore our Academy and take a look at some of the great things our pupils get up to.

Please note that we’ve adhered to Covid-19 Government guidelines when filming this video. However, aspects of this video were filmed before the pandemic.

Our Student Leadership Team

Our Academy has the highest aspirations and expectations so that everyone achieves excellence. Our Student Leader opportunities help our pupils to personally develop and reach their full potential. 

If you would like to learn more about the different roles we have, click here to read our booklet.

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Library Leaders take part in a Gothic Writing Workshop 

Peer Mentors Leading the Way 

Meet our Year 7 Student Council 

Pupils take a stand against Bullying

Pupils discuss human rights in the latest Voicebox

Our Extra-curricular offer

We have over 70 extra-curricular clubs to choose from. Whether your child is interested in Tai Chi, dance or football – we have lots of things for them to try. Pupils are expected to take part in at least one. This way they will get to learn and develop new skills, build relationships and experience opportunities that they may not normally get to experience.

Read more about our different clubs here:

Our Digital Leaders Club

Design a Game with Computer Coding Club

Pupils sing their hearts out as part of their extra-curricular activities

Tai Chi Club at Co-op Academy North Manchester

Our Pupils and Subjects

We asked our young people to pick their favourite subjects and here is what they had to say.


Our commitment to developing pupils who are equipped to be active and informed citizens is seen through the many displays, campaigns and trips we offer. Helena and Jorja speak about why they love this subject.

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Pupils jet off to Poland for one in a lifetime trip 

Pupils take the judges seat at The Supreme Court

GCSE Citizenship Pupils challenge the Prime Minister 


This year we’ve introduced the ‘Year of Reading’, a great way to inspire our pupils to get lost in the magical world of books. The initiative encourages our pupils to read for fun, with dedicated times during their week. Listen to Trevor and his love for reading.

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Pupils get creative with 500 words

Pupils take a step back in time through reading

World Book Day at our Academy


Geography is known to open up young people’s minds to the complexities of the world. In this video, Costin talks about why it’s his favourite subject.


We use ICT technology to enhance our pupil’s learning with suites of computers including Apple Macs, iMacs and iPads. Pupils are also given opportunities to excel in this subject by becoming Digital Leaders and by taking part in iDea’, the Duke of York Inspiring Digital Enterprise Award. Listen to what Mei said in her video.

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Our Digital Leaders Club 

Design a Game with Computing Coding Club 


Our Maths Department work hard to create a learning environment that can develop a child’s love for Maths. They’ve recently run The Siemens Rollercoaster Challenge and the Formula 24 Car Project. Listen to Mahekdeep talk about her experiences.

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Pupils take part in National Maths Challenge 

Performing Arts

We have many spaces available for your child to express their creativity through the arts. This includes a theatre that seats 300 people, a cinema plus a dance studio. Listen to what Quelia had to say about her favourite subject.

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Pupils visit the National Exchange Theatre 

Pupils bring festive cheer to a local care home

A Magical Day with the School of Classical Russian Ballet

Our very own Romeo and Juliet 


Your child will explore the wonders of science in our laboratories with a wide range of equipment. They will explore many topics in their first year with us, including chemical reactions and ecosystems. Listen to Jacob talk about his favourite subject.

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Today we say bye to our furry friends 

BBC STEM Day at MediaCityUK

STEM Takeover

Manchester United Foundation

We work in collaboration with the Manchester United Foundation, which provides many opportunities for our young people. Mr Dearden is our MUFC Foundation coach. He works with staff to deliver curriculum-based sessions and develop pupils’ skills to help them become great future leaders.

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Pupils secure an exclusive role with Manchester United Football Club 

Pupils are ready to kick-off their referee careers

Pupils race to the finish line at Manchester’s Velodrome


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Our Vision and Values 


Year 7 Careers

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Thank you for joining us

We do hope you learned lots about our Academy and how special it is to our staff, pupils and community. The most important thing for us is that our pupils leave with the qualifications and skills that they need. We all work together for the best in everyone, to help all those who enter our doors lead a happy and successful life.