Arrangements for September 2021

As this school year ends, I would like to write to thank all of our parents and carers for their support throughout this most challenging of times.

Although we have had at times to be physically apart, the sense of belonging and community remains incredibly strong at Co-op North Manchester. Your children have worked really hard and shown a great deal of respect for their teachers, support staff and themselves. 

We have hopefully shown our commitment to our pupils and families with our online curriculum offer, the supplying of devices and WiFi and our pastoral and safeguarding care throughout the year. To have over 60 clubs running  – and well attended – during lockdown is yet more evidence of the commitment of teachers and pupils as we continue to work really hard for the best in everyone.

So much has been achieved, from musical showcases to winning awards and the completion of so much high quality work that this year, despite the struggles, seems to have gone so quickly! Our Year 7s are almost Year 8 and we have seen the class of 2021 graduate on to further employment, education or training. We are really proud of all our pupils and want to reassure you as parents and carers that despite much media talk of ‘lost learning’, we have been working really hard this term to ensure in September, we will provide experiences, opportunities, rewards and of course extra tuition so that our pupils can grow into confident, even more resilient and hardworking young people.

We have two residential trips booked for September for Year 9 to Jamie’s Farm and a variety of pupils to Ghyll Head, whole school rewards trips in the calendar for the first term as well as plenty of other visits and extra curricular opportunities planned. In September, our extra curricular offer will be enhanced further and pupils will be able to take part in activities such as cooking, football, netball, music, drama, weather watching and gardening. Both at lunchtime and after school.  We will actively encourage as many pupils as possible to take part in these activities.  `We firmly believe that our pupils need to transition into their next year group successfully and feel confident in themselves so that they can access our curriculum and meet our high academic standards. We know that your child missed more than their teachers in front of them when we were closed and we will work as hard on their personal development and their social, emotional, spiritual and cultural curriculum as we will on their school subjects. 

As we break up, I am reminded that there are a number of pupils currently self isolating and I would say to them especially, we will definitely make sure you experience the rewards and experiences in September – it is all here waiting for you to return!

When we return in September all pupils will be entitled to a Lateral Flow Test prior to returning to the academy and we hope that many parents will support this initiative and provide consent for their children to be tested.  The testing schedule means that we will have a staggered start to the new school year.  The first week will look like this: 

Monday 6th SeptemberStaff INSET
Tuesday 7th SeptemberStaff INSET
Year 7 Testing in sports hall
Wednesday 8th SeptemberYear 7 only in school all day from 8.15am
Years 9 & 11 testing in sports hall
Thursday 9th SeptemberYears 7, 9, 11 only in school all day from 8.30am
Years 8 & 10 testing in sports hall
Friday 10th SeptemberAll year groups in school all day from 8.30am

New Year 7 pupils have separate information regarding their first few days with us. Important information that pupils in years 8 to 11 need to know prior to the start of term is that, whilst they will no longer be taught in year or class bubbles, each year group will have its own entrance to the academy:

  • Year 8 – Purple Winter Garden
  • Year 9 – Yellow Winter Garden
  • Year 10 – Bistro
  • Year 11 – Golden Staircase Doors

Form rooms for all pupils in each year group will also be together:

  • Year 8 – Second floor of Bridgewater accessed via Purple Stairs
  • Year 9 – First floor of Rylands accessed via Yellow Stairs
  • Year 10 – Science (Forms on the first floor accessed via Yellow Stairs)
  • Year 11 – Second floor of Rylands accessed via Golden Stairs

Pupils in each year group will also have designated social spaces and have priority access to the lunch queues on different days.

On the day that pupils return to the academy in September they can access the academy site through either the front entrance down the school approach or from Hinchley Road.  Pupils should enter the building through their year group entrance at 8:30am as the register will be taken in form rooms at 8:40am.  After a long summer break pupils may find it difficult to get up in time for school!  It is a good idea for them to practise waking up at an earlier time in the few days prior to their return. Free breakfast will be available for all students from 8.15 am. We will write again as we are due to re-open with any additional information so please do not worry.

Also, over the summer holidays we know that pupils grow, may have pierced their ears or changed their hair for example. Please can we ask that in preparation for their return in September, parents and carers ensure that their children will meet the uniform expectations of the academy.  We understand that the impact of the last twelve months has been that some families may find it difficult to equip their children for school.  If any parents and carers need any support, please contact the academy on

Supermarket vouchers are available to all families who are entitled to receive them throughout the summer break and these have already been issued by the academy.  Any parents or carers who have not received them and believe that they should have done so, please contact the academy for assistance.

Where families are looking for activities for children to participate in whilst the holidays are on, there are a number of links to activities that are free of charge in and around Manchester:

Manchester Free Swimming for Under 17’s

Walking in Greater Manchester

Cycling in Greater Manchester

Things to do and see in Heaton Park

As another school year draws to a close it is inevitable that some academy staff move on to employment elsewhere or choose to take a different direction in their careers.  This year we say goodbye to Mrs Simms (Head of Citizenship and PSHRSE), Mrs Oyasor (Maths), Mr Sellers (Maths), Miss Farnworth (English), Mr Murwira (Science)  and Mr Duerden (PE).  We thank everyone for the contribution that they have made to Co-op Academy North Manchester and wish them all the very best for the future.  Whilst we say goodbye to colleagues, we also look forward to saying hello and introducing to pupils many more new members of staff in September.

At the academy during the summer holiday we have a number of exciting building projects happening including the creation of extra classroom space as well as extended social and PE spaces.  We look forward to our pupils seeing these and making use of them in lessons and in clubs throughout the year.

We are so proud of our pupils who, despite all of the challenges that they have faced throughout this academic year, have continually displayed our core values of respect, commitment and trust and achieved many successes within and outside of school.  We can’t wait to see them all again in September!

Wishing all our families a restful and safe summer

Sharon Hands

Head of School

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