Rise Voice Vote 2018

Rise Voice Vote 2018

In celebration of 2018’s Parliament Week, 15 of our GCSE students received a fantastic opportunity to visit The Pankhurst Centre in support of #RiseVoiceVote with @somewomenuk.

Rise, Voice, Vote is a youth engagement project connecting young people aged 12-19 with the history of suffrage. Our students were able to visit the birthplace of the Suffragette movement and home of Emmeline Pankhurst! They were provided with resources and tools to help develop their own effective campaigns and look at the role of women in politics through the years.

Our students were then able to join 130 young people on November 29th at The People’s History Museum to develop their campaigns further! They utilised both traditional and modern tools including social media, videos, online petitions and vox pops. They even received the opportunity to speak to a local MP via a video conference!

It was wonderful to be a part of this project and celebrate 100 years since the Suffragette movement secured the vote for UK women.

“I had a great day. It was so inspiring to see the students developing their Citizenship knowledge and advocacy skills. I was thoroughly impressed with their attitudes. They worked great in their teams and represented the high standards that we have at Co-op Academy North Manchester.” -Mrs Simms, Head of Citizenship and R.E