Peer Mentors Leading the Way

Peer Mentors Leading the Way

On Wednesday, we hosted Peer Mentor training at the Academy with other Manchester schools in attendance.

Healthy Schools Manchester and Time for change delivered training that focused on sharing peer mentoring good practice.

Here at the Academy, we have been developing our peer mentor programme for over a year as part of our offer to provide Pupils with leadership opportunities.

Peer mentors develop their own personal skills for later in life whilst supporting the growth of a peer mentee. Not only do they help themselves but bring about positive change to everyone they come in contact with.

During the event, they spoke to attendees about the role they play in the Academy.

Kimberley Evans, Team Leader for Healthy Schools Manchester, said: “Co-op Academy North Manchester has been leading the way with this project for over a year now and it is exciting to see their efforts come to fruition.

“Today, they shared their good practice with students from more than one other high school. They spoke clearly and confidently and we’re very proud of their achievements. Thank you.”

We asked our Peer mentors about mentoring and here’s what they said:

“I love helping others.” Megan, Year 9

“We make Years 7s feel safe and comfortable when they join high school.” Alexas, Year 9

“I helped a peer mentee last year who has really benefited from it. He’s now really confident and even talks to year groups in assemblies. It made me feel like I have really accomplished something and that I have helped someone who really needed it.”Josh, Year 9

Peer mentoring is a fantastic way to empower and support Pupils. It gives them some of the skills, esteem and experience needed to lead happy and successful lives. It also gives peer mentees the help and support they need to grow in high school.

You can find out more about our Student Leadership opportunities by clicking here.