Our ‘Community Apprentices’ write heartfelt letters to the Homeless

Our ‘Community Apprentices’ write heartfelt letters to the Homeless

Our ‘Community Apprentices’ have been busy using the social action funding they secured to help tackle homelessness. Pupils planned an awareness week and backpack drive which included their heartfelt letters.

In partnership with Envision and Co-op Foundation, pupils were given £130 towards their project in hopes to raise awareness of homelessness and to help those in need.

“The project has brought people together from all different backgrounds. We get to meet lots of different people and make people laugh. It’s hard; because you feel happy you’re helping but it’s emotional helping the homeless. But we do get to make a difference and do something productive.” Anthony, Pupil and Community Apprentice

During their homelessness awareness week, our pupils visited form groups to raise awareness and asked their peers to help with writing letters.

Pupils wrote:

“I thought that writing this letter might get you through these tough times. I want to be able to help in just the smallest way possible by giving you a little bit of hope that will keep you going.” Anonymous

“I just wanted to start by saying I’m sorry. I’m sorry for the neglect. The abuse. The injustice that you face every day. I know it may feel like hope is lost however, I promise there is a way. All this pain isn’t for nothing.” Jada

“We are giving out care packages to help you out. They will include coats, bags, gloves, socks, etc. We hope this will make you feel better, if not just a little warmer through the cold months.”

“I realise that you might be lonely and through writing this letter, it will give you some hope to keep going in your journey. I will try and help you in any way by writing this letter to you, I hope that you will be able to receive this.” Alex

“I’m just writing to you so you could be positive about life and that you can handle it and you will survive through it.” Nour

This week, they have been busy packing their backpacks for the homeless. They included coats, gloves, scarves, hygiene products and their letters.

Pupils have also met with Richie, Envision Project Coordinator. They have been updating him on their progress, where they’re at now and discussing how they can make their project go further.

Richie said: “Our team of pupils are so full of ideas and so motivated to make a positive change within Manchester’s homeless community.

“I’m impressed by how many people they have inspired to support them and their social action project.”

As well as helping the homeless, pupils also develop their personal skills. They learn to be great leaders, promote positive teamwork and have the determination and confidence to deliver their social action project.

“It has helped me be more confident. Standing up in front of a form group and asking for help with our project can be scary.” Millie, Pupil and Community Apprentice

They track their skills so they can see not just the difference they are making to our community but to themselves as well.

Miss Anderson, a teacher at our Academy said: “We’re so proud of the commitment they have shown to their project and how they want to make a real difference in our community. Their passion, enthusiasm and dedication to social change has been remarkable.”

Pupils will hand out their backpacks to the homeless in the next few weeks. They will also meet with other schools from Co-op Academies Trust at Etihad Stadium in April, who’ve also been taking part. They will discuss and share the impact their social action projects have had.