National Fitness Day

National Fitness Day

We celebrated National Fitness Day with an academy initiative to get up and active.

This year, pupils from all year groups took part in a variety of fitness sessions throughout the day. Activities included high-intensity interval training (HITT), 500-meter rowing challenge and a mile run.

Mrs Watkins, Head of PE said: “We’re always encouraging our pupils to get up and active. We have many extra-curricular clubs that encourage physical activity.

“National Fitness Day is a fun way to get everyone involved, including teachers from other departments. Everyone enjoyed themselves.”

We asked our pupils what they thought of National Fitness Day at our Academy and here is what they said:

“I enjoyed completing the mile challenge because it tested my cardiovascular endurance and my time was 5 minutes and 55 seconds.”
Kaylen, Year 9

“For the past couple of weeks, I have been learning about components of fitness in my Sports Studies lesson. During National fitness Day we worked on improving our cardiovascular endurance and muscular endurance. We all loved the session and managed to keep going despite being tired.” Zarrin, Year 9

The day brings together many people from across the country. It reminds us why it’s good to move and how fitness helps us lead happier and healthier lives.