Exam Results 2020

Exam Results 2020

Dear Y11 Students and Parents/Carers,

This has been an unusual year in a great many ways and you will have likely felt this more than most other year groups – we were in lockdown when normally you would have been preparing and sitting your examinations, and we are aware that this has resulted in a great deal of uncertainty around your examination outcomes. We wanted to write to you today to provide you with further information on the examination results that you will achieve today. When the announcement was made to not sit the summer exams, Ofqual (the body that oversees the examination process) asked schools to provide a Centre Assessed Grade (CAG) to the examination boards. It is important to note that in deciding the Centre Assessed Grade for each subject, we had to follow a process decided upon by Ofqual.

We were asked to use a range of evidence to determine the grade that we felt you were most likely to achieve if you had sat the exam in the summer, and an extensive moderation process took place to ensure that there was both sufficient evidence for the submitted grade, as well as ensuring that there was no bias. Our results were then further moderated by the Coop Academies Trust before being approved by Mrs Smith and submitted to the examination board. These grades would then undergo a further moderation process meaning that these results could either stay they same or be moderated down or up calculated grade that pupils were due to receive.

However, on Monday 17th August, the Secretary of State for Education, Gavin Williamson MP, announced that there had been a change to the above, and that a decision had been made to award you with a grade that was the highest of the Centre Assessed Grade or the calculated grade generated by Ofqual, for all your GCSE qualifications. Despite the change being put in place for GCSEs, this was not put in place for BTEC results. However, late yesterday afternoon, an announcement on BTEC grades was made. We can now confirm that the same will be applied for BTEC results in that you will receive the highest of the Centre Assessed Grade or the, calculated grade generated by the exam board for your BTEC qualifications. As the announcement was not made until late afternoon and there is insufficient time for the examination boards to provide us with the final BTEC grade before 8am in the morning. We have therefore been asked to release our results without the BTEC grades being included. This means that for those pupils who are receiving BTEC and GCSE results, we will have to reload your data. As a result of this, those pupils who are receiving both BTEC and GCSE results will receive a delay to their ,results due to this situation which is out of our control. These pupils will also only receive their GCSE results in the first instance. The exam boards will need to reissue the BTEC grades to the centre and as soon as this happens we will be in a position to release these to you. Please be aware that we do not yet know when this will take place, but we will continue to keep you informed.

We do realise that this situation is not ideal for those of you who are awaiting both GCSE and BTEC results, however, we do hope that you appreciate that this is out of our control. We will however continue to update you as and when we receive additional information. If you have any questions at all about this information, or your results, please do remember that you can contact us on our telephone line on 0161 681 1592 where a staff member will be available to speak with you.

With our best wishes to you at this time

Mrs R Smith and Miss Hands