Careers Support

Here at Co-op Academy North Manchester, our vision and values of Trust, Respect and Commitment, along with our collective statement of ‘working together for the best in everyone’ is at the heart of our careers offer.

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The Careers Curriculum

Our pupils are fully prepared and informed to choose the career path which is right for them. We are committed to ensuring that our pupils have the highest aspirations and expectations of themselves and that they develop skills that are needed for the next steps of their journey, both throughout the key transition points in school, as well as transition to KS5. All young people in our academy experience our careers offer which is underpinned by the Gatsby Charitable Foundation’s Benchmark.

Leaders and staff work effectively with pupils across the academy to provide a high quality carers provision and to also fulfil their legal duty to ensure that independent careers advice and guidance including information on apprenticeship and technical courses, is included in the offer. Pupils are aware of who it is that they should speak to regarding careers provision and the academy has a lead staff member in charge of careers, Mrs L Parkinson. Careers are spoken about in a range of settings: assemblies, form times and throughout subject curriculum areas. Leaders provide an energy and commitment to excellent careers provision across the school. The academy is proud to have an increased number of pupils accessing apprenticeships, sixth form colleges and schools and destination measures provide clear evidence if the success of the strategy.

The academy collates relevant impact data which is relevant to the careers provision and is relevant to the careers provision and is also working towards the quality careers standard. We are part of many partnerships with a range of external agencies. Labour market data has been used to consider which areas we might wish to increase our offer in, for example, job roles in digital.

Our careers programme actively seeks to raise aspirations and challenges stereotypical thinking by ensuring that initiatives are promoted to all. The academy works with a number of different organisations who all contribute to our careers offer, for example, The Co-op group, The Co-op Academies Trust, MUFC Foundation. The Manchester Metropolitan University and Greater Manchester Higher. We ensure that by the age of 14, every pupil has had the opportunity to learn how different STEM subjects help people to gain entry across a range of careers and our approach is supported by a number of external organisations, such as the Manchester Metropolitan University. The academy has also appointed a HABL STEM coordinator who focuses on providing a range of opportunities outside of the classroom based curriculum.

The academy has demonstrated its commitment to a rich careers offer by appointing a link governor for careers education who also works in the Higher Education sector. They provide support and opportunities for pupils at the academy.

Throughout their time at the academy, pupils have multiple opportunities to learn from employers about the world of work. This is through a range of enrichment activities including; visiting speakers, mentoring and additional trips and visits, as well as through the taught curriculum time. Every pupil also has work experience opportunities in Year 10.

As the academy has excellent links to post-16 providers, colleges and Universities, every pupil has the chance to explore what it is like to learn in this environment. In addition to this, the academy is part of the Co-op Academies Trust whose sponsor, The Co-op also provides a number of different apprenticeships giving pupils the chance to find out more about this route, as well as working with other providers.

Every pupil in the academy has at least one careers interview by the age of 16 with an external provider at an appropriate level. A careers drop-in service is also available to all pupils, and the academy offers mock interviews with individuals from businesses and access to a careers fair during their time at the academy.

The school is made available during parent/carer evenings for local post-16 providers to come to discuss their post-16 offer. Providers leave copies of their prospectus or other course literature which we display in our careers area and these are available to pupils during the day

Overview of Our Careers Offer by Year Group

Universal Offer

The academy has universal provision for all pupils, as well as opportunities which are tailored to specific year groups.

Where should I go for Careers advice?

There is a dedicated Careers Space situated close to Ms Parkinson’s learning area where you can find a range of resources related to careers. The careers advisor is also present to offer independent, up-to-date advice in this area at lunchtimes throughout the week. In addition to this, there are a selection of careers resources and prospectus in The Library and a variety of careers related displays around the academy.

If you want to discuss any aspect of work experience or wish to find out more about your appointment with the careers advisor, then Mrs Hallas can support you with this in the General Office Space. Parents/carers wishing to find out more should email Mrs Hallas who will be able to direct their enquiry appropriately.

You may also wish to discuss careers with the academy SENDCO, Mrs Lea. She is also available in the LSU area or by contacting the academy.

I am a parent/carer who wishes to give a Careers Education talk. Who should I speak to?

We are always grateful for external support with the careers programme and work well with a range of outside agencies and providers. If you wish to discuss a potential offer of support, then please email Mrs Hallas who will be able to direct your enquiry to the correct person.

We are not always able to take up all offers of support, however, we are grateful to receive these.

How will I receive careers education in school?

The academy offers a range of different careers experiences and often, you may not realise that you are developing careers experience even though you are, for example, any opportunities which develop skills of reasoning, problem solving, cooperation and communication are all important within a rich careers curriculum.

Opportunities across the curriculum involve: Dedicated sessions in PSHE lessons, Drop-down days/events, Enterprise events, Assemblies with visiting speakers, Mock interviews, Work experience, UCAS support for post16 applications, Careers Library and other online resources, options evenings and other opportunities.

The University of Manchester Gateways Programme allows learners in Years 7-11 to participate in a series of academic enrichment and higher education (HE) awareness activities. Throughout this programme, pupils can find out more about University life, higher education and courses and they also have the opportunity to develop a range of skills that will aid success at GCSE and beyond.

Is there any help online?

There are a range of online websites which you may wish to look at in order to support you in finding the right career path for you. These include:

National Careers Service:

This website provides information and guidance including job profiles, skills check and an overview of a range of courses and learning providers.


This website provides information on how to become an apprentice and tells you more about what apprenticeships are.

High Fliers:

This is a researcher company who produces a report called ‘The Graduate Market’. This provides you with a list of graduate starting salaries and another report called ‘The UK Graduate Careers Survey’ provides you with an overview of the jobs available to graduates.

UCAS Website:

You will use this website to submit your post-16 application forms to particular colleges and post-16 providers, however, the website also has information supporting the exploration of different jobs and pathways to your career, alongside FAQs on apprenticeships.