Attitudes for Learning

Having a positive attitude to learning enables our pupils to go on to lead happy and successful lives.

All of our students behave in a way that creates an environment where:

  • staff can teach to the highest standard
  • students can learn and achieve to their maximum potential.
  • all members of the Academy Community can work in a safe place
  • staff, students, parents, governors and visitors can enjoy and be proud of our Academy

We work together to create a trusting partnership between school and home. This makes Co-op Academy North Manchester a place we are all proud to belong to.


All students can be successful. We celebrate success and applaud our students’ effort and determination whenever they go ‘the extra mile’ to be the best that they can be.

We use a variety of rewards for all pupils to celebrate their achievements in lessons and out of lessons.

Pupils get Achievement Points which they can use to buy equipment and other items at the student shop. Points are given to students in the ‘5Ps’, we also give out rewards for great attendance and taking part in extra-curricular activities and sport.

We love letting parents and carers know about their child’s achievements and our staff will do this via praise postcards, congratulatory letters and telephone calls home.

To find out more about our Rewards system click here.