We have “Anti-bullying ambassadors” across the Academy. Students from different year groups have been given training and they are on hand to ensure that all members of the academy feel safe. They are there for anyone who may need help.

The anti-bullying ambassadors helped us write our anti-bullying policy and spoke to parents and carers about their ideas. They have also produced a “student friendly” version, so that everyone can understand it.

An overview of the policy can be found below. If you are a student and worried about anything, then you can always speak to one of our students who are wearing a “blue tie” or “red tie”. No concern is a silly concern, we want every student to feel safe in the Academy.

Anti-Bullying Policy


If you are worried or concerned about anything, then do mention it either to one of our students, or to a member of staff.  If you are a parent or carer with a concern, then please get in touch with your child’s Head of Year or Associate Head of Year.

Our Anti-bullying Ambassadors have also created an Anti-Bullying Charter which they all sign as part of their commitment to their role.

The Ambassadors are part of our larger group of Student Leaders who work across the Academy. You can find out more about them here.