School Meals

The dining room serves breakfast, snacks at break and a range of healthy, quality food and drink at lunch.

All meals are reasonably priced and the food is made fresh in our Academy kitchen. We’re happy to say our students like our food, and we regularly ask for their opinion in order to continually improve.

We provide a healthy range of food and drinks which promote healthy lifestyles, we always take into account any special dietary requirements. Students are allowed to bring their own packed lunches and snacks, however, they we ask that these stay in line with our healthy eating policies. Fizzy drinks and sports drinks such as Lucozade, are not allowed in the Academy and will be confiscated.

We have a cashless biometric system, where pupils purchase food and drink through their account. Money can be added to your child’s account via your ParentMail account.

If you think you are entitled to Free School Meals please click here.