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Developing our Pupils’ Wellbeing and Safety

At the heart of our academy is a commitment to enabling our pupils to go on to lead happy and successful lives. We believe that developing their spiritual, moral, social and cultural education, alongside their understanding of how to keep themselves safe is a key part of enabling our vision to be realised.

The academy is value driven and has both its own values and those of The Cooperative Academies Trust at the heart of all it seeks to achieve. These values are embedded within the SMSC, British Values and Safeguarding curriculum and ensure that the ethos and culture of the academy is one that prevents any form of direct or indirect discriminatory behaviour and one where prejudiced behaviour is not tolerated. These aspects are also delivered through the subject based curriculum and through the wide range of extra-curricular opportunities, trips, visits, and other experiences that our pupils can engage in.

We create a culture of vigilance around safeguarding, but our approach is both preventive and reactive. We encourage our pupils to use social skills in different contexts and to learn how to work with others in a range of different situations. Through our work across a range of areas we develop their moral skills by enabling them to recognise right from wrong, understand consequences of actions and be able to evaluate both moral and ethical issues. We develop our pupils’ spiritual understanding through teaching them about different beliefs and reasons why individuals may choose to believe, or not believe. We also encourage them to develop and discover both themselves and the world around them. We develop cultural opportunities and experiences for our pupils and provide them with a range of opportunities to participate in these and to accept, respect and celebrate cultural diversity. A wide range of examples can be seen on our twitter feed.

The academy is also committed to enabling our pupils to ensure that they understand how to keep themselves safe and healthy. We work to support charities such as ‘Young minds’ in order to promote the need to talk about your mental health. The academy has staff who are trained as mental health first aiders, but also has pupils who are mental health ambassadors who work to promote mental health discussions and opportunities to support mental health across the academy. The school nurse and counselling services are also available to pupils who wish to discuss other issues that they may be experiencing.

Our safeguarding curriculum is separated into four parts:

  • Wellbeing
  • Online safety (the academy holds a 360 safeguarding award for their work here)
  • Relationships
  • Sexual health
  • Current issues

These are mapped across each year group to ensure that our pupils have a developmental curriculum across all areas, and that they are able to learn about and talk about a wide range of issues. Each topic is either taught during form time, delivered through assemblies or the PSHE/Citizenship/RE curriculum. In addition to this, we also have excellent relationships with external agencies and charities who deliver other aspects of our curriculum so that our pupils are well supported in their understanding of key issues.  

Our pupils have also been chosen to speak at national events such as the Coop AGM where they shared their work on Fairtrade, on the ITN news following the Manchester Bombings, at the Houses of Parliament about Mindfulness and on newsround due to the work that the academy anti-bullying ambassadors have done. Each of these examples illustrate the wide ranging work of our academy and its pupils.

The academy is an active member of the Health Schools group in Manchester. It uses its resources, attends its training sessions and our pupils have also been involved in campaigns such as anti-smoking campaigns, and voicebox. More recently, the academy hosted a Samaritans training session to launch a new resources and their ‘Healthy Minds’ ‘Time to Talk’ video was played at the start, giving the pupils a wider audience to share their work with.

If you would like to get in touch about any aspect of the school’s work, or you wish to discuss any aspect in relation to your child, then please do speak to your child’s Head of Year / Associate Head of Year.

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