Curriculum Overview

Our curriculum has as its core a strong emphasis on high aspirations, spiritual, moral, social and cultural education so that we develop reflective learners who enjoy and have a fascination for learning, are active citizens in school and within their wider community.  We work hard to ensure it meets the needs of all students, including those with disabilities or with special educational needs. We firmly believe in our vision of developing our students to go on to lead happy and successful lives and the curriculum they study whilst with us, underpins this. We ensure all students find their talents, build confidence and learn good work habits to benefit them across their lifetime.

We adjust our curriculum to have both breadth and balance so that we can be confident all our students develop knowledge, understanding and skills across the range of disciplines. We have a strong curriculum offer; all students in keystage three study: humanities, sciences, mathematics, linguistic, social, physical and technical subjects with artistic subjects taught (Art, Music, Drama and Dance) discreetly by specialist teachers weekly. At keystage four, we offer the same breadth of curriculum and students are able to opt across all disciplines. We have the highest aspirations for students and do not limit students to curriculum pathways based on prior attainment; we believe all students benefit from having the same breadth and depth of experience.

We consider how our extra-curricular offer supports our formal curriculum with a wide extra curricular offer. This is reviewed termly and is always being developed further. Our extra curricular offer is inclusive and includes academic and homework support as well as sporting clubs, eco clubs, cooking clubs, STEM clubs, reading and writing groups as well as choirs, music, dance and drama groups.