EAL Support

EAL is an acronym for English as an Additional Language, and this applies to anyone who doesn’t have English as their first language or ‘mother tongue’.


We have both staff and students in our Academy community that have English as an Additional Language (EAL) and we love the diversity that this brings. Many students are able to take a qualification in their first language and have no issues at all in their studies.

But we understand that sometimes students need more support with their language skills and we have specialist EAL Teaching Assistants who provide an extensive range of one to one, small group and in class support during lessons, lunchtimes and each evening after school. We make sure every student has what they need to succeed.

If we think a student would benefit from having some extra support from our EAL department we will always discuss this with you. Like-wise, if you think your child needs this support then please get in touch with our Head of EAL, Mrs Ozkan.

In addition to academic progress, staff and students provide an environment in which all students feel welcome and are able to access support. Staff and students encourage friendships making sure no one feels left behind.