We're closed to most students
The Government is asking parents to keep children at home whenever possible – schools remain open only for children who need to attend.

Answers to the most asked questions

We have provided some frequently asked questions that might answer some thoughts or worries you may have about transition.  If you need any further information then please email Mrs Shaw: mshaw@northmanchester.coop.

Do I visit the school before hand?

Yes! These are called ‘transition days’. On these days you come to see your new school and spend time learning more about the school and making friends. There are lots of children who will be attending so you are not on your own.

On previous transition days students have had the opportunity to experience Music, Drama, PE and Technology as well as some subjects that you are already familiar with like Maths and English.  You would also get to meet key staff within the academy such as your Head of Year and Assistant head of year.
We will be letting you know in future weeks other key information such as form group/form tutor and start date.

Will I be with the pupils from my school?
If there are a lot of pupils from your school you are likely to have some of them in your class. Even if some of them are not, you can still talk to them at lunch and break times. However, starting secondary school is a great time to make new friends and there are lots of opportunities to do this.

What are the school lunches like?
They are a little bit different but don’t worry! Year 7 go to lunch first during the first few months so you will get used to the system. The quality of the food is really good! There are many types of meals you can have, ranging from wraps to spaghetti and much more. You can bring a packed lunch if you want. Food is also available before school as a free breakfast is provided.

What happens at the end of the day?
The end of the day is 2.55pm. You can either go home or attend after school clubs. The teachers and other pupils help you find your way to the bus stop and there are staff on duty at the gates and bus stop to help you.

How many lessons in a day do we have?
You have 5 sessions in a day; first is period 1, then period 2. After that it is break and when break finishes it is period 3, then period 4. At the end of period 4 you go to have your lunch, when lunch has ended there is only one more lesson to go, period 5. After period 5 you go home. All lessons are one hour.

What happens at break and lunchtime?
You’ll be able to go in the Year 7 area where you can meet your friends and play sports or games. You can go to clubs or the library, or you can sit in the canteen and eat your lunch. We also have the reward shop to go to and buy things with our achievement points which is great fun as we get an input into what the shop stocks.

Are there any clubs we can attend after school?
That is a very good question and the answer is yes! There are many clubs you can attend. There are lots of team sports, for example cross country, netball and football teams. You just need to attend the training and if you are good enough, you’ll make it on the team. There is basketball practice on Friday’s. If you are not interested in joining a sports club, then you can attend other types of clubs like maths club, science club and even an orienteering and a chess club!

Are there any types of rewards?
Yes! There are five different types of achievement points and these are awarded throughout the day by teachers. You also get rewards for helping at events and attending school every day. Sometimes we win form breakfasts for 100% attendance or even get to go on a trip for the winning form!

What do I do with my bags and coat?
We are provided with lockers where you can put all your things, especially your coat and P.E kit so that you do not have to carry it around with you.

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